Symphonic Band
Bill Wagner, director - Period 3
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2017-2018 Symphonic Band Auditions
Auditions must be received by Wed., May 24th

Students are required to submit their auditions to Mr. Wagner via email: Be sure to follow these directions to complete your audition.
  1. Before you practice, look over the key signatures, articulations and dynamics.
  2. Chromatic Scale: play from your lowest comfortable note to your highest and down (slur up and tongue down)
  3. Record each excerpt (scales and exercises) separately. Be sure to state your name and instrument on the recording before you play.
  4. If you want to be considered for Wind Ensemble, you must also play the following scales (ascending and descending) in one take: G harmonic minor, C melodic minor, Bb whole tone scale with 1/8 notes at 100 BPM)
  5. Use a metronome that corresponds to the correct marking for each excerpt. Be sure it is audible on the recording.
  6. Check over your recording before sending to be sure it is what you want to send.

Remember, your ability to follow directions is very important. It shows that you take this seriously and you took the time to practice. 

**NOTE** - Symphonic Band auditions will be used for Symphonic Band chair placement as well as Marching Band part and solo assignments.

Have fun practicing!

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